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Dr Yoshide Hagiwara

Dr Lorraine Day

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barley green

BarleyGreen endorsed by Dr. Lorraine Day
for as low as $28 a Bottle

dr lorraine day  

WARNING: Don't be fooled by imitation products,
which come in plastic containers without expiration dates.
Dr Day specifically endorses the "YH International" brand,
which comes in glass bottles, is certified organic and
has valid expiration dates.

To Order authentic BarleyGreen
Please Call: 1.866.540.0927 (you must ask for sponsor# 990683100 . . . to get your discount)

Barleygreen Premium


The Original Barley Green Premium with Kelp

This is the exact brand featured on the Dr. Lorraine Day Show.Organic Barley Grass Juice Powder with organic brown rice and kelp - Certified organic. Mix the powder with juice or water.

Container size: 7 oz.
Serving Size: 1 Tablespoon (6g)
Servings per container: 33 Servings

1 bottle

2 bottles -
that's $33 per bottle

3 bottles -
that's $32 per bottle

6 bottles -
that's $31 per bottle

12 bottles -
that's $30 per bottle


Barleygreen Premium (Caplets)


Barleygrreen Premium is now available in a convenient caplet form.This caplet form of Barleygreen premium is designed as a more convenient way for those traveling or on the run to carry Barleygreen with them at all times.

Container size:
280 Caplets
Serving Size:
10 Caplets (6g)
Servings per container: 28

1 bottle -
2 bottles -
that's $33 each
3 bottles -
that's $32 each
6 bottles -
that's $31 each
12 bottles -
that's $30 each
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