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Making BarleyGreen

Q: Is the barley organically grown?
A: Yes, we grow our barley without any chemical fertilizers or pesticides. We are certified organic and we reuse all water and vegetable residue as natural mulch for our fields.
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Q: Is BarleyGreen organic?
A: Yes, the barley grass is grown at our own farm and is California certified organic.
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Q: Do you rotate your fields?
A: Yes, generally after 1-2 years. Green beans are grown in the fields during the summer to add nitrogen to the soil.
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Q: What does BarleyGreen do for you?
A: That is a limiting question but we would say that it is like drinking the juice from one of the world's most nutritionally complete plants. It provides you with an abundance of live enzymes, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other phytonutrients. Good nutrition is something we all need.
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Q: Your label indicates that most nutrients are in very low quantities; yet you state BarleyGreen supposedly contains most everything we need. Please explain.
A: BarleyGreen is nutritionally diverse. The benefit of taking BarleyGreen is that many of the nutrients our bodies need can be found in BarleyGreen. One must remember that the value of consuming a whole food is in the many nutrients working synergistically, making them much more effective and available. It is the abundance of the different vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, live enzymes, and phytonutrients that make BarleyGreen so beneficial.
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Q: What are the Hot and Cold Water tests?
A: These two simple tests indicate if a product contains fiber (Cold Water Test) and viable proteins (Hot Water Test). The Cold Water Test: Place one-half teaspoon of either BarleyGreen or a competitor's product in a glass of cold water and stir. Observe after a few minutes. BarleyGreen will remain dissolved and the water will appear uniform while a competitor's product containing fiber or insoluble substances will have settling at the bottom of the glass. The Hot Water Test: Sprinkle one-half teaspoon of either BarleyGreen or a competitor's product into a glass of very hot water and stir gently for a couple of seconds. BarleyGreen will clump up because the shapes of the living enzymes are being changed by heat for the first time, whereas the competitor's product will disperse and not clump up because the enzymes have already been "denatured" by heat and do not change shape when heated again.
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Q: BarleyGreen makes me feel so energetic. Does it contain any caffeine?
A: No, BarleyGreen is made from barley juice extract and contains no caffeine. Numerous customers have given us testimonies of increased energy. BarleyGreen is very nutritious and provides your body with raw materials that can be converted into energy naturally - unlike caffeine which simply gives one a temporary energy lift.
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